As the weather starts to drop, we can't help but start thinking about our winter plans. One thing on our bucket list is visiting more of Europe's enchanting Christmas markets that we've seen all over our Instagram feeds each year.

10 Best European Christmas Markets

These festive bazaars are a beloved tradition, offering visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the warm glow of holiday cheer. From the aroma of roasted chestnuts to the twinkle of fairy lights, the warmth coming from your hot spiced wine—these markets are a treasure trove of seasonal delights.

If you're looking to plan a trip to visit the Christmas Markets in Europe this year, here are 10 of very best that promise to ignite your holiday spirit.

Strasbourg, France - Christkindelsmärik:

Known as the "Capital of Christmas," Strasbourg transforms into a winter wonderland. The city's historic center is bedecked with over 300 chalet-style stalls, offering handmade crafts and Alsatian specialties.

Vienna, Austria - Vienna Christmas World:

Vienna's Rathausplatz is home to a stunning Christmas market, adorned with a giant tree and a skating rink. Visitors can indulge in Austrian treats like strudel and mulled wine.

Cologne, Germany - Cologne Cathedral Christmas Market

Set against the backdrop of the iconic Cologne Cathedral, this market boasts a majestic ambiance. Visitors can browse through a plethora of handcrafted gifts and savor bratwurst and gingerbread.

European Christmas Markets to Visit

Tallinn, Estonia - Tallinn Christmas Market

The medieval Old Town of Tallinn is a fairytale setting for this market. Here, you can find intricate handcrafts, hearty Estonian cuisine, and traditional dances.

Prague, Czech Republic - Prague Christmas Markets

The historic squares of Prague come alive with holiday spirit. Visitors can explore the charming wooden huts, offering Czech souvenirs, local snacks, and delicious trdelník pastries.

Stockholm, Sweden - Skansen Christmas Market

Located on the beautiful island of Djurgården, the Skansen Christmas Market provides a unique, historical experience. It features traditional Swedish crafts and folklore performances.

Budapest, Hungary - Budapest Christmas Fair

The streets around St. Stephen's Basilica are illuminated with festive lights and host an array of vendors selling crafts and gastronomic delights. Don't miss the spicy mulled wine!

European Christmas Markets to Add to your Bucket List

Brussels, Belgium - Brussels Winter Wonders

The Belgian capital is transformed into a magical setting with an impressive Christmas market. Visitors can ice skate beneath the imposing Christmas tree or enjoy waffles and hot chocolate.

Edinburgh, Scotland - Edinburgh's Christmas

Scotland's capital city offers a diverse range of Christmas experiences, from the traditional markets in East Princes Street Gardens to the thrilling rides and attractions in Winter Wonderland.

Zagreb, Croatia - Advent in Zagreb: Named the "Best Christmas Market in Europe" multiple times, Zagreb's Advent features a multitude of events, from ice skating in King Tomislav Square to concerts and art exhibitions.

Europe's Christmas markets are a feast for the senses, offering a delightful blend of traditions, crafts, and culinary delights. These 10 markets, each with its own unique charm, are sure to ignite your holiday spirit. Whether you're seeking the grandeur of Vienna or the cozy ambiance of Tallinn, Europe's Christmas markets are a true testament to the beauty and joy of the holiday season. So, pack your warmest coat and head to Europe to create cherished memories and experience the magic of Christmas in these charming settings.

October 25, 2023

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