As fun as vacation is, packing isn't always the best part. Cue the disorganized suitcase, forgotten essentials and wrinkled clothes from digging around trying to find that one thing. We've all been there, but thankfully there's an easy solution—packing cubes.

Whether you're traveling solo or packing for yourself and all of your kids, these lightweight luggage organizers are here to save your sanity and keep all your stuff organized and looking it's best. 

Read on to find how how to use packing cubes for organized, stress-free travel!

patterned packing cubes

What Are Travel Packing Cubes?

Packing cubes are one of our favorite travel accessories that help organize and optimize luggage space. These lightweight, fabric containers come in various sizes and are designed to keep clothing items and other things neatly compressed and separated within a suitcase or backpack.

Whether traveling for business or leisure, travel packing cubes offer a convenient way to categorize and store pants, shirts, underwear, socks, and other essentials. They are also beneficial for keeping dirty laundry separate from clean clothes, saving time and hassle while on the go.

With their ability to maximize space and streamline packing, it's no wonder that packing cubes have become a favorite tool for frequent travelers seeking efficiency and organization.

When to Use Packing Cubes?

Packing cubes are extremely beneficial for just about any travel scenarios, whether that's a business trip, girls trip or family holiday. They provide organization and space-saving benefits, making it easier to keep belongings separate and accessible while maximizing luggage space. When using packing cubes, you can either sort by different clothing type—tops, pants, undergarments, or even into cubes for specific outfits. This will allow you to neatly separate and organize everything.

To fill and organize packing cubes, clothes can be either rolled or folded, taking advantage of the different cube sizes and different color packing cubes for easy identification. Rolling clothes can help save space and reduce wrinkles, while folding can provide a neater appearance. 

By utilizing packing cubes, you can enjoy the benefits of staying organized, saving space, and keeping everything easily accessible during their trips. It takes a lot of stress and mess out of traveling for sure!

Top Benefits of Using Packing Cubes

Our packing cubes offer a multitude of benefits for any traveler.

Keep your Stuff Organized

Firstly, they allow for the obvious—easy organization of belongings, keeping items neatly separated and easily accessible. This not only maximizes space within luggage but also makes it easier to find specific items without rummaging through your entire suitcase.

Maximize Space in your Suitcase

Additionally, packing cubes save space by efficiently utilizing the available area within luggage. Their ability to compress clothing and other items minimizes the overall space needed for packing, allowing travelers to fit more into their bags. This can reduce the need for bulky, overstuffed suitcases.

organized suitcase

Find your Items Faster

We highly recommend packing cubes with a mesh panel on top so that you can easily see what's in each bag. We designed our packing cube sets with 3/4 mesh panel on the top so you can quickly grab what you need. 

Reduces Wrinkles

When packing for a trip, using packing cubes can help prevent clothes from shifting during transit, which can lead to wrinkles. To do this, roll your clothes instead of folding them to maximize space and minimize movement within the cubes.

Separate Dirty from Clean

Another advantage of packing cubes is their ability to separate dirty laundry from clean clothing, as moms, we know how many clothes kids go through and this makes keeping things separate so easy. When it comes time to unpack, you know exactly which items can be hung back up and which items need to go to the laundry.

Quick Security Checks

Finally, packing cubes can make for quick security checks at airports and other transportation hubs, as they allow for easy inspection without having to dig through the entire contents of the suitcase. We've all either experienced this or seen someone else's bag get completely ripped through. 

How to Use Packing Cubes Correctly

These small, lightweight bags are designed to fit neatly into your luggage and help you keep your belongings organized during your trip. With the use of packing cubes, you can separate your clothes and accessories by type, making it easy to find what you need without having to rummage through your entire suitcase. 

1. Categorize Your Cubes

You don't need to write a category on your cube or anything, but packing certain items in each cube can make things stay more organized and streamlined. Just like you have drawers or shelves for different types of clothing, you can have separate cubes for different categories of clothing.

Typically we'll have a cube for tops and sweaters, pants and dresses in another, workout clothes in one, and undergarments and pajamas in another. If we're headed to the beach, we'll have another cube for swimsuits and cover-ups. 

Your categories might look different depending on where you're going, but this is just one way to make the most of your packing cubes. 

Another way to organize is to put entire outfits together in each cube. Depending on how long your trip is, this may not be the most effective way to maximize space, but it's another option for you.

2. Have a Cube for Each Kid

When traveling with kids, staying organized can be a challenge. One of our favorite ways to make packing easier and stay organized is to have a packing cube for each child.

We like to assign each child their own pattern so when we get to our destination, we can just pop their bag into their room. Kids find it fun to have their very own bag and it allows you to keep all their stuff in one place.

This method not only helps to streamline the packing process but also minimizes the risk of items getting mixed up or lost during travel. Whether it's for a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, having a packing cube for each child can make a world of difference in keeping things organized and accessible.

This is a simple yet effective way to stay organized while traveling. By differentiating the cubes by color or pattern, it saves time and effort when searching for specific items, making the whole process much smoother for both parents and kids alike.

3. Mix & Match Sizes

When it comes to packing cubes, having a variety of sizes is essential for a seamless packing process which is exactly why our sets come with three different sizes.

According to organizing expert Marie Kondo, using a mix of small, medium, and large packing cubes can help maximize space and keep items organized while traveling. The benefit of having different sizes allows for efficient organization of clothing and other items, making it easier to find what you need without having to rummage through a jumbled mess.

Small packing cubes can be used for undergarments or socks, while medium cubes and larger cubes can accommodate larger items like shirts, pants, and outerwear. This approach not only helps save space in your suitcase but also allows for an easy unpacking process and access to specific items without disrupting the entire contents of your luggage.

By mixing and matching sizes of packing cubes, you'll be able to efficiently organize and pack your belongings so they fit into your suitcase perfectly.

4. Smartly Fold or Roll your Clothes to Maximize Space

When packing your clothes in packing cubes, it's important to utilize space efficiently and minimize wrinkles. Start by folding heavier materials like jeans or bulky items like sweaters to create a solid base for lighter items.

Rolling lighter-weight items will save space but also prevents items from shifting around during travel. When items shift less, they're less likely to get wrinkled too.

For bulkier items like sweaters or jackets, fold them neatly and layer them on top of the rolled items. This combination of rolling and folding saves space and minimizes wrinkles.

By incorporating a combination of folding, rolling, and stacking, you can maximize space in your packing cubes while keeping your clothes tidy and wrinkle-free.

5. Not Everything Needs a Cube

As much as we love packing cubes, not every item needs a cube. Items such as shoes, hair straighteners, and chargers do not need to be placed in a packing cube.

These items are often best placed in pouches or positioned between soft cubes filled with clothes to save space and provide added protection. Fitting in these random extra items around your cubes is yet another way to maximize the space in your suitcase and keep things secure and tight in your luggage. 

6. Avoid Overstuffing Your Cubes

We know it's tempting to get as much as you can in each cube, but overstuffing packing cubes can lead to a disorganized and chaotic suitcase, making it difficult to find what you need during your trip. Before packing, make a packing list for your trip and only bring what you need. Laying out your outfits for different days or events can be a really great way to cut out some extra items. Try wearing one piece multiple ways, or bring a single pair of jeans instead of three.

Overstuffing each cube can also put extra strain on zippers and seams and shorten the life of your cubes.

Be mindful of the size and weight of your luggage, as well as any specific items you may need for your trip. By packing only the essentials and being mindful of the weather and the concept of layers, you can ensure that you have everything you need for your trip without overstuffing your packing cubes.

Is it Worth Investing in Packing Cubes?

As avid travelers and moms we believe that packing cubes are the ultimate game-changer when packing for ourselves or for our families.

They help save space in luggage by compressing clothing items and other items, allowing you to bring more without overpacking. This also saves time when packing and unpack as items are neatly organized and easily accessible. The cubes also help separate dirty clothes from clean clothes, keeping everything organized and odor-free.

Moreover, packing cubes help minimize wrinkles by keeping clothes tightly packed. They also protect possessions from spills and leaks, ensuring that valuable items remain safe during travel. Additionally, they can help you stay organized, find items easily, and save on baggage fees by maximizing space in their luggage.

When you're not traveling, packing cubes can be used to store accessories, such as socks, belts, and toiletries, and out of season clothing. Whether for business trips or vacations, or use at home packing cubes are a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to streamline their packing process and stay organized on the go.

Where to Buy Packing Our Cubes

If you're looking for quality cubes that come in a set, you can grab our 6-piece set on our website or over on Amazon. Having 6 different pieces in 3 different sizes, you'll be able to easily pack for long or shorter trips. They're made of lightweight durable materials that will keep your items secure and protected while you travel.

February 06, 2024

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